Inspector General Investigating Whether Strzok-Page Texts May Have Been Deleted – Gaps in Record Flagged

After a delay, five different Congressional committees received some of the ‘missing’ Strzok-Page text messages last Thursday evening.

These text messages we are waiting for are from the crucial 6 months between December of 2016 up until Mueller was appointed on May 17.

Only 49 pages, mostly redacted were turned over to investigators Thursday.

Some of the latest batch of Strzok-Page text messages may have been deleted, Fox News is reporting.

Fox News reported:

Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz has investigated whether the DOJ or FBI might have deleted text messages between bureau officials Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, according to GOP sources who have spoken with members of the IG’s team.


The sources told Fox News that the IG’s office, so far, has not found evidence that officials from either agency deleted any messages. It is unclear at this point if the office is still investigating the matter, and whether technical glitches might instead be at issue.

GOP sources told Fox News that some text messages between the FBI lovebirds cut off mid-sentence or many text messages in a row from Strzok to Page go unanswered.

The texts show numerous messages in a row sent to Page from Strzok’s phone, on different dates, without a response from Page.

Others show texts cutting off mid-sentence, like a Strzok message that says, “They think he is unstable, that he can be manipul.”

Page responds, “Super. I’m not reading tonight, I’m going to try t,” again cutting off mid-word.

Another example is Strzok texting Page, “So please don’t share with Andy [McCabe] yet, I wonder if they’ve al.“ It continues, “And both bill and I have an utter lack of faith in.”


Rep. Ron DeSantis told Sean Hannity last week that it appears the DOJ is holding text messages from Congress.

Rep. DeSantis: Well Sean I think this is an incomplete production. I mean we know their texting habits. How often there were texting in other periods. This is the period, December 2016 all they way up to the firing of James Comey and then the appointment of Robert Mueller to the Special Counsel. Yet, there’s only 40-some pages there.

Both Peter Strzok and Lisa Page are still employed and have security clearance.

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