Former Secret Service Agent: I Believe There Was MORE THAN ONE Deep State Source Inside Trump Campaign (VIDEO)

Former Secret Service Agent Dan Bongino joined Tucker Carlson on Friday to discuss the stunning revelation the the Obama DOJ had a spy working inside the opposition candidate’s campaign.

There are now reports that a spy was working inside the Trump campaign and reporting back to the Obama DOJ.

The Deep State FBI and DOJ deliberately hid this information from Congress.

And the Sessions DOJ is still trying to keep this information from Congress and the American people.
The DOJ told Congress people “will die” if they release this information.

On Friday Dan Bongino said there was likely more than one spy inside the Trump campaign.


Dan Bongino: A human intelligence asset may have been inserted in your political rivals campaign? How this isn’t front page news on every newspaper across the globe is stunning. But Tucker that’s not it though. Keep in mind, just a couple weeks ago Devin Nunes on this network in an interview with Maria Bartiromo had another bombshell. That there was no official foreign intelligence, through official channels passed into the United States… I have my suspicions about who this asset is as do many others by the way. This is going to be explosive though when this name comes out. Because the list of suspects is very short. And there are some very suspicious people who are connected to people within our intelligence community now… I believe there is more than one source for the FBI.

Via Tucker Carlson Tonight:

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