Former Hillary Clinton Chief Strategist: How Does Robert Mueller Justify his “Stormtrooper Tactics”? (VIDEO)

Mark Penn is the former chief strategist to Hillary Clinton in her 2008 campaign.

This week Mark Penn penned a piece in The Hill on the outrageous conduct of the Mueller Special Counsel. Penn argued that Mueller has nothing implicating President Trump ans so his special counsel wants to catch Trump in a perjury trap to find their crime.

Mark Penn asked Mueller several questions including this one: When you picked your team, what was going through your mind when you picked zero donors to the Trump campaign and hired many Democratic donors, supporters of the defiant actions of Sally Yates, who at the time was deputy attorney general, and prosecutors who had been overturned for misconduct? What were you thinking in building a team with documented biases?


On Thursday Mark Penn joined Tucker Carlson to discuss the Mueller witch hunt. Penn says what they did to Bill Clinton is “child’s play” to what Mueller is doing to destroy President Trump and those around him.

Mark Penn: Remember Tucker I worked for a year working with President Clinton against Ken Starr and that effort. And I just find that that was child’s play to what’s going on here. Well Mueller has some questions about what the president was thinking when he fired Comey. Well I certainly have some questions about what he was thinking when first he went to apply for the FBI job, with Rosenstein. And then turns around the next day, he didn’t already have a plan. Boy when he put that team together and there wasn’t a single Trump donor. What was he thinking then? And when you look at these dossiers and discovered that there was no foundation here how did he deal with that? And how does he justify these really storm-trooper tactics. Which is really not an exaggeration when you go guns drawn to political consultants, wiretaps all over the place.

It was stunning to listen to this rare Democrat who still holds some honesty and integrity.

Via Tucker Carlson Tonight:

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