Fake News CNN Suggests Trump Using Freed Prisoners to Distract From Stormy Daniels, Russia Witch Hunt (VIDEO)

Fake News CNN suggested President Trump is using the freed prisoners to distract from Stormy Daniels and Robert Mueller.


Very fake news CNN just can’t say anything positive about President Trump.

CNN spent time talking about Stormy, Robert Mueller, the Russian investigation and Michael Cohen as the freed prisoners were about to land at Andrews Air Force base outside of Washington.


This is just shameful.

“This success in the foreign policy field might be enough to distract attention away from the Robert Mueller investigation into Russia; the criminal investigation into his own personal attorney…” CNN said as Trump was about to make history greeting freed prisoners.

And President Trump didn’t have to send North Korea pallets of cash or free terrorists in exchange for the three American hostages.


Last night early in the morning President Trump, his beautiful wife, the Vice President and his wife along with new Secretary of State Mike Pompeo welcomed home three Americans that were let free from North Korea. It was history in the making!

At a little past 3am Eastern time President Trump welcomed home three Americans held hostage in North Korea. It is the beginning of what is hoped to be concrete and demonstrable moves that will end towards Korea becoming nuclear free.

Nobody takes CNN seriously anymore and this is why.

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