Far Left Goons Vandalize NRA Lobbyist’s Home – Frighten His Wife and Children

Far left thugs vandalized the home of NRA lobbyist Chris Cox twice in the last two months.

The leftists spray-painted Cox’s home with red paint and held posters of dead babies outside his home.

Chris Cox called the police on these abusive, vile leftists.

The Hill reported:

A lobbyist for the National Rifle Association (NRA) says anti-gun protesters have targeted his home at least twice, including spraying his house in Virginia with fake blood and protesting at his wife’s business.

Chris Cox, an NRA lobbyist who lives in Alexandria, just outside of Washington, D.C., claims that left-wing protesters have stood outside his wife’s interior design business to hand out flyers, created an anti-Cox website and created posters with photos of child victims of gun violence to hold outside his home.

An attorney for the family told The Washington Post in a statement that the protestors’ tactics have “crossed the line.”

“Mr. and Mrs. Cox have been targeted over the past few months by repeated acts of criminal and unlawful conduct, including having their home vandalized on two occasions,” attorney Elizabeth Locke said. “These coordinated tactics have crossed the line of civility and human decency.”

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