Twitter Permanently Suspends Conservative Street Artist ‘Sabo’ Without Explanation

Conservative street artist ‘Sabo’ was permanently banned from Twitter this week.

Social media giants such as Twitter and Facebook specifically target conservatives for suspension and shadowbanning.

Political censorship is dangerous and it must be stopped.

Breitbart reported:


Sabo, who ran the @UnsavoryAgents account, was banned from the platform on Friday.

“Was not told why or for how long. I just saw I no longer have my 32,000 followers and I’m no longer following anybody,” claimed Sabo in an email to Breitbart Tech. “They want nothing less than to completely destroy us on the Right.”

Sabo has previously targeted Harvey Weinstein, the Oscars, the Golden Globes, various anti-Trump celebrities and even Hillary Clinton with very incendiary street art strategically placed in Los Angeles, California.

Recently Sabo unveiled street art taking aim at Zuckerberg after privacy concerns were raised with Facebook.

Trump supporters were furious after Twitter banned Sabo.

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