Twitter Bans TGP’s Associate Editor Cristina Laila After Tweetstorm Calling Out Twitter Censorship

The Twitter Brownshirts are in overdrive as we approach the 2018 elections.

I was banned from Twitter Friday night after I went on a mini tweetstorm calling out Twitter for censoring and shadowbanning my account with 93,000 followers.

On Friday night I decided to call out Twitter for silencing me with their algorithms.

They promptly punished me. It looks like I’ve had too much to think!

My first tweet addressed Twitter’s new tactic manipulating my account where they delete huge blocks of followers from my account daily. Twitter also stopped counting new followers towards my following. They do this to discourage me from using the platform. They want me to feel like no one supports me or agrees with my point of view.

I track my followers and no matter how many I pick up, Twitter refuses to count them. Even worse, they delete huge amounts of followers at a time.

1st tweet: Ok so Twitter has been messing with my follower count for about 8 months or so.

I decided to track my followers to see how bad it is.

I picked up 80 followers today and Twitter has counted ZERO of them towards my following. #Shadowbanned

Twitter claims they empower women, however; they refuse to tell me why they have censored me, a female political writer, with their algorithms.

I have reached out to Twitter numerous times yet I have not received a response.

2nd tweet: Twitter claims they are “pro woman” yet they still haven’t told me why they are censoring me, a female political editor and writer.

Is it because I’m a Christian? I want answers.

I referenced James O’Keefe’s undercover video of a Twitter engineer (presumably here on an H1B visa) bragging he bans people on Twitter for tweeting about ‘guns, God and the Cross.’ So basically anyone who’s a Christian, Trump supporter or a conservative.

3rd tweet: I want to know why the America-hating, Christian-hating bigots here on H1B visas working at Twitter have shadowbanned my account. #Shadowbanned

A couple hours later I received a notification that I was banned from tweeting for 12 hours for ‘hateful conduct’ on an old tweet I posted defending Christianity.

The New Yorker Magazine wrote a Christian-bashing article and I was silenced for defending my beliefs.

There is zero profanity, zero threats. I simply cited scripture and compared it to the violence in the Quran. (Screenshot below)

I was forced to delete my benign tweet.

Because of the size of my Twitter account, I’m a huge target. I’m routinely on the receiving end of liberal abuse.

I get ambushed by Soros bots. I’m used to getting trolled and harassed by leftists. I don’t mind it; it makes me laugh when I poke the hornets nest.

Every once in a while I will report a hateful tweet hurled at me just to see what Twitter does.

Recently, a hate-filled leftist disparaged me for my Armenian heritage. I reported the tweet and Twitter responded to me that the user had not violated their terms of service.

Twitter also told me they consider the context of the tweet and take into consideration if a “protected group” is involved. (Screenshot below)

For reference, here is what Twitter finds acceptable behavior:

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Cristina began writing for The Gateway Pundit in 2016 and she is now the Associate Editor.

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