Sick. Late Night Hack Stephen Colbert Cheers Deep State Raid of Trump Attorney’s Office (VIDEO)

This is the new late night humor?
Late night hack Stephen Colbert celebrated the Mueller Deep State raid of Trump Attorney Michael Cohen’s home and office.

The raid violates the attorney-client privilege laws in the US but liberals don’t care because it’s Trump.

Stephen Colbert thought it was terrific.
This is the fascist left in America today.


The only humor they know is attacking conservative Americans and Trump.

Deadline reported:

Stephen Colbert happily updated his viewers on the Stormy Daniels story at the top of The Late Show tonight. Donald Trump’s longtime personal attorney Michael Cohen had his office raided by the feds today in a case related to his paying $130k to the porn star out of his own pocket to keep her from repeating claims that she had an affair with Donald Trump about a decade ago – an affair Trump has denied.

Trump never had addressed the payment publicly – until last Friday while waiting to use the loo on Air Force One.

Asked why Cohen made the payment, Trump told reporters on the plane:”You’ll have to ask Michael Cohen. Michael is my attorney.”

Asked if he knows where Cohen got the money, Trump similarly insisted he did not know.

“He knows nothing!” Colbert marveled. “Trump trusts his lawyer so much he lets him do stuff he doesn’t know about in his name, for reasons he does not understand!”

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