SHE LIED. Muslim Woman Claims Hillbilly Attacked Her With Knife – But Facts Don’t Add Up

A Muslim woman in Houston said she was attacked by a crazed man driving an SUV who got out of his car and stabbed her in the arm while screaming anti-Muslim insults.

As we reported on Saturday —
The actual probability of this being a true story is slim to nil since most of these stories usually turn out to be fake hate attacks.

Of course, this story made headlines across the US because such an attack is so rare in America.

On Sunday the Muslim woman spoke out about the ‘vicious’ attack.

KHOU reported:

The Harris County Sheriff’s Office says they’re looking for the attacker who exited his red SUV off Huffmeister near 290 and went after the woman with racist slurs and a knife.

“I wasn’t actually sure if they had side swiped me and so that’s why I pulled over and got out of the car,” the woman said. “The driver got out of the car — he was a white guy with a lot of tattoos and a slim build, and he saw me.”

The woman says she was wearing her scrubs and hijab as normal.

“Turning to his friend, the passenger said, ‘Oh my God, it’s a rag head,’” the woman said. “He called me a desert monkey. He called me a sand n****.”

She said the man became increasingly aggressive and began hitting her with the butt of a knife that he had. She said she raised her arms to defend herself and the man stabbed her in the arm.

“When he pulled the knife out, the blood started squirting out and into his eyes and mouth, it was arterial pulsatile bleeding,” she said. “And he started ‘spah spah spah,’ and that’s when I got away and got back into my car.”

The woman raced back to the hospital for help and called police.

Unfortunately, this story doesn’t add up for the injured Muslima.

She said that when the hillbilly knifed her in the side of the arm the artery was struck and started “pulsating bleeding” shooting blood into the attacker’s mouth.

Her wound appears to be on the outside of her arm.

The arteries in the upper arm are on the inside.
A vein would not pulsate.

Her entire story does not add up.
It sounds like a typical leftist describing a conservative.
The disturbed woman lied and should fess up.

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