SENATOR TESTER Cheers Withdrawal of Admiral Jackson After He Smeared Him with False Rumors

Democrat Senator Jon Tester led the charge last week spreading false rumors against Trump VA pick Admiral Ronny Jackson.

Tester played point man to smear and slander Admiral Jackson with false allegations of inappropriate behavior.
Admiral Jackson withdrew his nomination after the false allegations were released and shared widely by the liberal mainstream media.

The Secret Service later came out and said the allegations were completely false.


But Tester cheered his smear attacks.
Senator Tester released a statement cheering Admiral Jackson’s withdrawal as VA pick.

Ranking Member: Veterans Deserve a Strong Leader
(U.S. Senate)-U.S. Senator Jon Tester, who has voted to confirm all 12 of President Trump’s VA nominees, issued the following statement after Rear Admiral Ronny Jackson withdrew his nomination to lead the VA:

“I want to thank the servicemembers who bravely spoke out over the past week. It is my Constitutional responsibility to make sure the veterans of this nation get a strong, thoroughly vetted leader who will fight for them. The next Secretary must have a commitment to reform a strained health care system and a willingness to stand up to special interests who want to privatize the VA. My sleeves are rolled up and ready to work with Chairman Isakson to vet and confirm a Secretary who is fit to run the VA.”

Tester is urging Congress to continue its investigation into the White House Medical Unit.

President Trump defended Admiral Jackson and called on Senator Tester to resign on Saturday.

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