SARA CARTER: VP Mike Pence’s Physician Behind Attacks Against Ronny Jackson

Democrat Senator Jon Tester led the charge last week spreading false rumors against Trump VA pick Admiral Ronny Jackson.

Tester played point man to smear and slander Admiral Jackson with false allegations of inappropriate behavior.

Admiral Jackson withdrew his nomination after the false allegations were released and shared widely by the liberal mainstream media.

According to investigative reporter, Sara Carter, VP Mike Pence’s physician is behind the attacks on Ronny Jackson out of jealousy.

The Secret Service later came out and said the allegations were completely false.

It’s too late; another good man has been destroyed by lies and fake news media.

Sara Carter reports Ronny Jackson was a target by another physician due to a longtime grudge because of Jackson’s continuing promotions in the White House.

Sara Carter reported:

Unsubstantiated rumors and accusations targeting White House physician Rear Admiral Ronny Jackson, who was nominated by President Donald Trump to be Secretary of the Veterans Affairs Administration, have been propelled by media outlets and Democratic members of the Senate without any proof that those allegations were true.

But where did these rumors and accusations start? Who was fighting to keep Dr. Jackson from being nominated and who wanted to smear his name publicly?

According to four administration officials, the main allegations were brought forth by Vice President Mike Pence’s Army physician Dr. Jennifer Pena, who the officials contend has held a long-time grudge against Jackson because of his continuing promotions in the White House. She began her career at the White House during the Obama administration. According to the officials, Pena, who is still active military and assigned to the White House Military Office, did not follow proper protocol to report on the allegations. Instead, she went directly to the Senate with the support of some current and former White House medical staff who were her loyalists. None of the allegations she allegedly brought forth have been substantiated.

On Sunday Dr. Ronny Jackson resigned as White House doctor.
Liberal #FakeNews media took out another good man.

Pena, according to Sara Carter, was appointed to the White House Medical Unit during the Obama administration.

Ronny Jackson is currently still in the medical unit, however; he withdrew his name from nomination of Veteran’s Affairs.

None of the allegations against Ronny Jackson have been substantiated:

A White House official told this reporter that there is no evidence or documentation of the allegations that Jackson drove drunk and wrecked a government vehicle, quarterly audits don’t show any evidence that Jackson overprescribed medication and there is no evidence or reports of him drinking on the job.

The onslaught of stories drew attention away from the administration’s mission to fill the post at the Veteran’s Affairs Administration and led Jackson to withdraw his name from the nomination last week.

“This is like something like out of the show Madame Secretary,” said a former Bush Administration official, who knows Jackson and served with him in the White House. The official referenced the American political television series starring Tea Leone, which shows the seedy side of Washington D.C. and the backstabbing tactics of those trying to rise to the top.

Read Sara Carter’s full report here.

President Trump stuck up for Ronny Jackson while Obama the coward has remained silent.

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