Rep. Ron DeSantis Asks DOJ to Open Criminal Investigation on James Comey, Hillary Clinton and Loretta Lynch (VIDEO)

Rep. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) went on FOX and Friends to discuss corruption at the Obama DOJ and Clinton campaign.

DeSantis is asking the Department of Justice to investigate several Obama officials: Hillary Clinton, James Comey, and Loretta Lynch for possible crimes.

Rep. Ron DeSantis believes Comey’s lack of candor with Congress regarding the Clinton email investigation needs to be investigated. Comey made his determination on Hillary Clinton’s fate months before investigating her. And Comey told ABC News last weekend that he used the polls to determine his decision.

Desantis also wants the DOJ to investigate Hillary Clinton for disguising payments to Fusion GPS on mandatory disclosures during the general election. The Clinton camp disguised the fact that they were funding the anti-Trump Russia dossier by sending payments to the Perkins Coie law firm who then paid Fusion GPS for the junk document. DeSantis added, “If you’re going after (Michael) Cohen then why isn’t anybody also looking at how the Clintons handled this.”


Via FOX and Friends:

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