Parkland Pro-Gun Student Kashuv: School Used “Very, Very, Very Harsh Interrogation Tactics Against Me” (VIDEO)

Conservative pro-gun Parkland student Kyle Kashuv went on with Tucker Carlson on Tuesday night.

This was after Kashuv went to the gun range with his father and posted video on Twitter

Kyle Kashuv told Tucker Carlson he was “interrogated” by school officials after he went back to school this week.


Kyle Kashuv: It was an interrogation. It was a clear attempt to intimidate me. They used very, very, very harsh interrogation tactics against me. I mean, at the end of the day I went shooting with my dad at a gun range. I mean, I did everything peacefully. And I went shooting with my dad and I did absolutely nothing wrong. And I posted a video of me showing I have admiration for the Second Amendment and telling people to educate themselves about the Second Amendment because we can’t trust our government to defend ourselves… It was all very, very weird. I get to sit down and the school resource officer goes, “Kyle, you’re taking five AP classes. You’re such a good student. Why would you do it?” It went something like this and I was in shock. And I said, “What do you mean?” And they came in there with the notion that I had done something wrong by going to gun range.

Simply unbelievable.

Via Tucker Carlson:

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