MARK LEVIN: It’s Time For Attorney General Jeff Sessions To Step Aside (AUDIO)

On Monday’s broadcast, nationally syndicated radio host Mark Levin called on Attornery General Jeff Sessions to step aside. 

Transcript via Real Clear Politics.

MARK LEVIN: “The buck stops on the Attorney General’s desk, even if he recused himself as he did with the Russian matter. This is not the Russian matter. And the entire [Justice] Department is out of control now and its country first, over any politician, even if I’ve known that politician for a long, long time, his attorney general now.

I watch the president of the United States here now. He doesn’t deserve any of this. He didn’t do anything. He didn’t do anything. What do you think it is, Chappaquiddick?

And so it’s time for the Attorney General to step aside and for the president of the United States, he can make a recess appointment, not to put in a body or anything like that. He can put Dershowitz in there for all I care. He needs to put somebody in there who’s going to take a little bit more charge over what’s going on in this country.

I say it with the gravest regret, I really do, because I know what it means personally but I can’t — I can’t ignore what I’m seeing and what’s going on here.”

On Monday, FBI agents raided the office of one of Trump’s personal lawyers, Michael Cohen, at the request of special counsel Robert Mueller.

“It’s a total witch hunt. I’ve been saying it for a long time. I’ve wanted to keep it down. I’ve given over a million pages in documents to the special counsel,” Trump said.

“They continue to just go forward and here we are talking about Syria, we’re talking about a lot of serious things … and I have this witch hunt constantly going on for over 12 months now. Actually, it’s much more than that. You could say right after I won the nomination it started.”

“This is the most biased group of people. These people have the biggest conflicts of interest I have ever seen … Either Democrats or a couple of Republicans who worked for President Obama. They’re not looking at the other side — Hillary Clinton … They only keep looking at us,” Trump added.

“The attorney general made a terrible mistake when he did this,” Trump said of Sessions, who recused himself from the Russia probe, adding we would have used a, put a different attorney general in.”



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