Donald Trump Jr. SMOKES Comey in Viral Tweet

Donald Trump Jr. destroyed Comey Wednesday evening in a viral tweet. 

Comey praised Hillary Clinton in a town hall Wednesday evening and Donald Trump Jr. promptly put him in his place.


CNN tweeted a video of Comey praising Hillary.

CNN tweeted: Comey says he didn’t vote in the 2016 election, but “Hillary Clinton is more meshed in, trained in, respectful of the norms and traditions that I’m so worried about being eroded today”



Donald Trump Jr. smoked Comey is a viral tweet.

Don Jr. tweeted: Great American norms & traditions like taking hammers to iPhones, bleach bitting hard drives,and destroying 30,000 documents under subpoena.
Yea Ok!!!

It’s so obvious Comey wanted Hillary to win the presidential election and did everything in his power to prevent Trump from winning the White House.

Hillary Clinton is the most corrupt person to run for president (besides Obama).

Comey knows all about Hillary’s private server and her mishandling of classified information yet he still praised her. Despicable.

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