Dem Darling Kamala Harris Attacks Trump’s Border Wall – James Woods Moves in With Kill Shot

Patriotic actor James Woods lit up Twitter early Thursday morning after he utterly destroyed Democrat darling, California Senator Kamala Harris.


On Wednesday Democrat darling and 2020 hopeful, Kamala Harris attacked President Trump’s ‘unrealistic border wall’ as a ‘gross misuse of taxpayer money’.

According to the deranged Democrat Senator, building a wall to protect American citizens from invaders is a gross misuse of taxpayer money.

Kamala Harris would rather use taxpayer money to pay for food, housing, education and medical assistance to the invaders. Let that sink in.

Kamala Harris tweeted: Funding Trump’s unrealistic border wall would be a gross misuse of taxpayer money.

James Woods moved in with a kill shot.

Woods responded to Kamala Harris, “Like your salary?”

Trump supporters were riled up…

This is why we love James Woods!

Kamala Harris came under fire Thursday for cracking a Trump death joke on The Ellen Show.

The California Senator is an open-borders zealot who remains coy about a potential 2020 Presidential bid.

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