Comey Says He STILL Doesn’t Know If Hillary’s Camp Funded the Dossier… He Signed THREE FISA Applications to Authorize Wiretaps Anyway

Fired FBI Director James Comey went on with Bret Baier on Special Report on Thursday to discuss his new book.

Comey told Bret Baier he still isn’t sure who paid for the phony Russia dossier–but who the hell cares where the dossier came from because he signed three FISA applications to authorize wiretaps anyway.

This guy was the FBI Director….STUNNING.

Bret Baier asked Comey, “When did you learn that the DNC and Hillary Clinton campaign had funded Christopher Steele’s work?”


Comey replied, “I still don’t know that for a fact.”

Now of course we know this is a lie. Of course Comey knew Hillary’s camp paid for the dossier.

Comey is a crooked cop and deserved to be fired.

According to the FISA memo released in February, the dossier formed an essential part of the initial and all THREE renewal FISA applications on Carter Page.

Page 1 of the FISA memo says then-FBI Director James Comey signed THREE FISA applications in question on behalf of the FBI.

Page 2 of the FISA memo clearly states the political origins of the dossier were known to senior FBI and DOJ officials yet omitted from the FISA applications.

In October of 2017, it was confirmed Hillary’s camp and the DNC paid for the dossier.

Hillary Clinton even defended paying for the Dossier in an appearance on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah.

Comey is a liar.

The reaction from Trump supporters over this absurd statement from Comey:

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