Clinton Lawyer Turned Over Never-Before-Seen Documents To Inspector General Showing Hillary Email Probe Was ‘Botched’ (VIDEO)

In an exclusive interview with Bill O’Reilly, former White House Special Counsel to President Bill Clinton, Lanny Davis, reveals he shared never-before-seen documents with Inspector General Horowitz showing the FBI’s investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email usage was ‘botched.’

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Start clip at 7:34 for partial transcript below.

DAVIS: “I was interviewed by the Inspector General. I have only told one reporter that and it was never written. This is my first time to say that I was interviewed after, I, making a phone call and researching my book, that I consider James Comey to have acted unethically and he should have been fired by Barack Obama and Loretta Lynch because he violated Justice Department policies. By holding a press conference and expressing his opinion publically on the evidence. That’s a firing offense…. I gave them documents that were never seen before but posted two months after the election, that showed that the whole email investigation was botched. That’s where I think the Inspector General will come down on Comey very hard.”

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