Clapper and Brennan STILL Have Security Clearance as They Trash Trump and Work at CNN, MSNBC

It is being reported that both former DNI Chief James Clapper and former CIA Director John Brennan still have their security clearances. 

Clapper admitted to leaking the dossier briefing to CNN after lying about it and Brennan is caught in a perjury trap over his involvement with Hillary’s dossier.

To make matters worse, both men enjoy cushy jobs as analysts for the ‘destroy Trump’ media.

This is unprecedented. 

Investigative reporter, Sara Carter said hiring suspected leaker, James Clapper raises ethical questions.

Sara Carter blasted CNN and James Clapper.

Sara Carter tweeted: “I wonder if CNN should have disclosed its source was Clapper since they now contract him as a paid analyst? Seems like an ethical problem to pay your sources for unverified information.”

Mary Beth Long, who is a defense analyst and was the first female to serve as an Assistant Secretary of Defense, responded to Sara Carter.

Clapper and Brennan still have access to intel…

Mary Beth Long tweeted: “I also understand Clapper and Brennan still have access to intel. Is that appropriate for two now “journalists”? Particularly two who are so publicly critical of the Administration? And in view of the handling of the dossier? And leaks?”

Former CIA Director John Brennan does not hide his hatred for President Trump. He routinely threatens Trump and lashes out at the President from his Twitter account.

Over the weekend, John Brennan warned Trump about Mueller’s investigation, stating, “Stay tuned Mr. Trump…”

The former CIA Director then defended his partner-in-crime, Clapper and attacked Trump for rightfully calling Clapper a “lying machine.”

Brennan also enjoys a cushy gig as an intel analyst for Trump-hating MSNBC intel.

The House Intel Russia report revealed James Clapper leaked the dossier briefing to CNN’s Jake Tapper then lied about it.

Clapper then lied about leaking over and over again, including under oath.

Leaker and liar James Clapper is contracted with CNN as an analyst.

These two corrupt, Trump-hating men still have their security clearances while working with the ‘destroy Trump media’ and people say there is no Deep State.

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