BOOM! Hannity UNLOADS on “Weinstein Junior” Jimmy Kimmel – Promises More on “Pervert Kimmel” Tomorrow Night

Sean Hannity UNLOADED on “pervert” Jimmy Kimmel in a series of tweets on Thursday night.

Kimmel, the conscience of the modern day left, has a long history of lewd and abusive online behavior with women.
(Just imagine what he must be like when the cameras are off!)

Hannity unloaded on “Weinstein Junior” on Thursday.

Hannity: This is ABC’s @jimmykimmel aka Harvey Weinstein Jr. Asking 18 year old girls to grab his crotch and “put their mouth on it”. Jimmy that’s you being a pervert asshole. How would you feel if that was your daughter? I bet @Disney is so proud.

Hannity wasn’t done: Also @jimmykimmel attacking @MELANIATRUMP while reading a book to kids? What happened to “Mr Morality”? Attacking a woman who is helping children? This is @Disney? #pervertkimmel


Still more…
More of Disney’s @jimmykimmel being Harvey Weinstein Jr.

Sean Hannity then warned pervert Kimmel that he will have much more on his show tomorrow night!

And Sean ended his streak with a kill shot:

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