Violent Leftists Storm Christina Hoff Sommers Campus Lecture – Try to Shut Down Speech (VIDEO)

Christina Hoff Sommers is an American author and philosopher and leading critic of contemporary radical feminism.

Sommers was asked to speak today at Lewis and Clark Law College Portland, Oregon.

The radical feminists did not want her to speak on campus.
Today’s college campuses are cesspools of radical Marxism.

Protesters stormed the room today during Christina’s speech and tried to drown her out.

The far left mob brought their own speaker to try to drown her out.

The far left mob started singing about fascism during her speech to drown her out.

The liberal mainstream media will NEVER report on this radical demonstration.
The media lies and hides these truths from the American public.

It is unsafe for conservatives, Republicans and Trump supporters to speak at most college campuses in the US today.
The liberals are too unhinged to allow open dialogue.

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