Stanford University Rejects College Republicans’ Logo Because It Includes The American Flag (PHOTO)

Stanford University administrators have rejected College Republicans’ proposed logo because it includes a portion of the American flag. 

Credit: College Fix

FOX News reports:

“We find the idea that flags are off limits ridiculous,” the Stanford College Republicans told Fox News, “and especially the American flag shouldn’t be off limits.”

The group was told the patriotic look doesn’t meet the private university’s standards, according to an email from the school’s copyright office that was obtained by The College Fix.

“Stanford does not approve the use of the American (or other flag) on product also featuring our trademarks (including the Stanford name),” wrote Stanford University’s trademark licensing associate, Kara Hegwood, in an email to the College Republicans president.

While the university points to its trademark guide for the rejection, it doesn’t seem to mention or include any references to flags.

Below is an image of the proposed logo.

The club’s incoming president John Rice-Cameron recently took to social media to write about opposition the group has faced on campus.

“This past year, the Stanford College Republicans have drastically transformed the political environment at Stanford, taking bold steps to promote conservative ideas on campus,” Rice-Cameron wrote.

“We have worked with the Young America’s Foundation to bring prominent conservative speakers to campus, engaged in debates with left-leaning organizations, and have taken on and defeated those who seek to intimidate conservatives into submission.”

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