SARA CARTER: James Clapper Allegedly Leaked Information About Trump’s Classified Briefing on Phony Dossier to CNN

Former Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper allegedly leaked information to CNN, an investigation has revealed.

Sara Carter reports:

Former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper allegedly leaked information to CNN in early last year regarding the classified briefing given to then President-Elect Donald Trump and President Barrack Obama on the salacious dossier and its contents claiming the Russians had compromising information on the president-elect, according to government sources, who noted the evidence of the leak was collected during the House Intelligence Committee’s Russia investigation.

Clapper, who was one of four senior Obama administration officials to attend the briefing with the presidents, also stated his “profound dismay at the leaks” in an official statement issued in January, 2017 and warned that the leaks were “extremely corrosive and damaging” to national security, according to the press release.

Monday, the GOP House Intel Committee concluded there was no Trump-Russia collusion during the 2016 presidential election.

According to Sara Carter, the full report by the House Intel Committee has not been released yet.

The full report will undergo a full review  to ensure that it does not reveal or damage national security before its public release that could happen within the next several weeks, congressional sources added. The committee interviewed its final witness former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski last week and had accessed all documents related to its probe, a congressional source told this reporter.

James Clapper was not mentioned in Monday’s House Intel report.

According to government sources James Clapper, who is now a CNN contributor, was in touch with CNN around the same time Jake Tapper broke the story about the briefing conducted by senior Obama officials with then-President elect Donald Trump regarding the dossier.

According to government sources Clapper, who is not mentioned in the report released Monday, had spoken to CNN at roughly the same time Jake Tapper broke the first story on CNN regarding the briefing conducted by senior Obama officials with then President-elect Trump and President Obama regarding the dossier.Tapper’s story which was published in January 2017, created a snowball effect of allegations in the media that Trump’s campaign had allegedly colluded with the Russians in the 2016 election and that Russia had compromising material on Trump, sources with knowledge of the investigation concluded.

The story about Obama officials briefing Trump about the dossier which was published by CNN propelled the story to the public. Shortly after CNN ran the story about the briefing, Buzzfeed published the entire 35-page Hillary-funded Russia dossier.

Clapper subsequently released a statement wringing his hands over the media leaks claiming the leaks are “extremely corrosive and damaging to our national security.”

Clapper also said of the dossier:

 “We also discussed the private security company document, which was widely circulated in recent months among the media, members of Congress and Congressional staff even before the IC became aware of it. I emphasized that this document is not a U.S. Intelligence Community product and that I do not believe the leaks came from within the IC.”

Fast forward to 2018 and we have reports James Clapper indeed relied on Hillary’s phony dossier to compile his joint IC report.

Chairman Nunes is looking into whether the Obama administration’s joint Intel analysis report claiming “Vladimir Putin ordered” Hillary Clinton’s campaign emails hacked and leaked “to help Trump’s chances of victory” relied on Hillary’s phony dossier, Paul Sperry of the New York Post reports.

Suspiciously, Barack Obama’s Intelligence Community Assessment matches the main allegations leveled by the Clinton-paid dossier on Trump, which wormed its way into intelligence channels, in addition to the FBI, Justice Department and State Department, during the 2016 campaign.

In fact, the shady dossier makes exactly the same claim — that Putin personally “ordered” the cyberattacks on the Clinton campaign and leaked embarrassing emails to “bolster Trump,” as part of “an aggressive Trump support operation.” Like Obama’s ICA, Clinton’s dossier provides no concrete evidence to back up the claim.

The New York Times and other fake news outlets previously falsely reported that all 17 Intel agencies unanimously concluded that Russia was to blame for the hacking.

It turns out former Intel Chief James Clapper only gathered intel from THREE agencies he handpicked, not 17. This allowed him to control the information.

In violation of normal rules, all experts on Russia from various agencies were excluded, reports Sperry.

It was also reported Monday that Clapper managed to avoid perjury charges after 5 years of inaction from the DOJ.

Now it looks like Clapper was the leaker all along. If there is any justice left in this country, Clapper, Brennan, Comey and other corrupt criminals from the Obama administration will be locked up for their lawlessness.

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