Mike Cernovich Challenges Pudgy Actor Michael Rapaport to Fight after He Abuses Laura Ingraham – Will Even Let Him to Keep His Shirt On

On Thursday Michael Rapaport posted another abusive video threatening Laura Ingraham for commenting on David Hogg, the foul-mouthed Parkland truant.

Michael Rapaport made the most disgusting comments delivered to any public woman since Alec Baldwin screamed at his daughter in a taped phone call.

Rapaport: Laura Ingraham, the FOX News reporter, you filthy pig. You dog-faced animal… I said you should shut up and dribble these nuts. And now Laura Ingraham, this savage, this dog, this mutt… She’s a sweaty pig. She’s going after a high school student. Who do you like Laura? You obviously have an affinity for dick-stained Donald Trump. But who do you like? Why don’t you go away, go back to the swamps. To the sewage system to the ravine that you crawled out of. You f*cking pig you.

This is one of the most abusive screeds you’ll heard in years.


On Thursday night Mike Cernovich challenged the pudgy actor to a charity boxing match.

Cernovich said he would even let Rapaport to “keep his shirt on.”

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