‘March For Our Lives’ Rapper Vic Mensa Arrested Last Year… For Gun Violation [VIDEO]

During the anti-Second Amendment March For Our Lives protest this weekend, Rapper Vic Mensa declared that his song went out to “unarmed black men and women killed by police weapons.” The song itself, viewable above, is relatively convoluted in meaning but seems to imply that new Congressional gun-control measures would help end black murders? Ignoring the black-on-black murder statists for a second, what makes Vic Mensa’s inclusion in the March For Our Lives truly ironic is the fact the rapper was just arrested in February of 2017 for running a stop sign, with tinted windows, and a gun without a permit for concealed carry in California.

Via TMZ:

Vic Mensa got pulled over for a traffic violation, but ended up spending the night in jail for having a gun in his car with a permit — the wrong one, allegedly.

The Roc Nation rapper was stopped in Beverly Hills last week for running a stop sign and having tinted windows … according to law enforcement sources. We’re told he informed cops he had a gun in his car and showed them his concealed carry permit. The problem is … cops say the permit is for another state.

According to the police report … Vic was arrested and booked on a felony count of carrying a concealed weapon. After one night in jail, he was released on $35,000 bail.

Mensa had a run-in with Bev Hills PD last summer … and felt he was racially profiled while shopping.

Mensa has since taken to Twitter to claim “Carrying a licensed pistol in the wrong state has nothing to do with AR-15s killing children in schools.” and “I still don’t give a fuck about the contradictory formalities of American law. sorry to inform u I’m not much of a patriot.”




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