Kim DotCom Tweets Out Another Mention of Murdered DNC Staffer Seth Rich

Last Monday investigative reporter Cassandra Fairbanks at The Gateway Pundit posted our interview with Texas businessman Ed Butowsky.

Our interview followed the news on Tuesday that the attorneys for the Seth Rich family sued Ed Butowsky and FOX News for alleged conspiracy theories surrounding the murder of their son Seth Rich.

No one has ever been charged for this murder of the DNC.
The DNC staffer was murdered in Washington DC in the summer of 2016.

Sitting down with Butowsky, we discussed Rich’s $56 hard drive, lawsuits and legal threats, why the family doesn’t want to talk about WikiLeaks and much more.

Also last week Kim DotCom tweeted out the TGP-Butowsky interview and included this warning for the Deep State: Watch this in-depth interview with Ed Butowsky about the Seth Rich case. Why do Hillary Clinton, her lawyers and DNC invest so much energy to cover-up the truth? Because the fake Russia story and Muellers deep state witch hunt of Trump end with Seth Rich.

Today, on Good Friday, Kim DotCom posted another mention of Seth Rich.

“His Name Was Is Seth Rich. And He Will Never Be Forgotten.”

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