Jason Chaffetz: Until Jeff Sessions Leaves the DOJ Will Continue to Have Problems (VIDEO)

FOX News contributor and former lawmaker Jason Chaffetz joined Stuart Varney on Lou Dobbs Tonight to discuss the announcement today by Attorney General Jeff Sessions that he will not appoint a second Special Counsel for the crimes committed by DOJ and FBI officials in the Uranium One scandal and during the 2016 election.

Jeff Sessions is compromised.

Jason Chaffetz again called for Jeff Sessions to step down.

Jason Chaffetz: Absolutely the wrong call and the audacity to thwart the efforts of Senator Grassley and Senator Graham and others in the Senate. You have a huge contingent in the House… I have long thought that Attorney General Sessions should go. I think he’s there as Attorney General in name only. He’s not leading the department or agency in the core fundamental problems they have there. Months ago I said he ought to leave and until he leaves they are going to continue to have these problems.

Via Lou Dobbs Tonight:

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