Eric Holder Tells Anti-Gun Protesters to “Demand Action” – Hypocrite Holder’s ‘Fast and Furious’ Gun-Running Operation Killed Hundreds of People

The anti-gun lobby held protests across the nation today against gun rights.

Naturally, the Marxists are using the youth to push their anti-second amendment agenda.

The ‘March For Our Lives’ protest spawned after the Parkland mass shooting. Despite the many failures by the FBI and local law enforcement to stop Nikolas Cruz, the students are screaming for stricter gun laws. Makes sense.

Former Attorney General Eric Holder sent an encouraging message to the anti-gun marchers.

Holder’s criminal Fast and Furious gun-running operation killed hundreds of people, including border patrol agent Brian Terry.

Holder told marchers “Today we march. Then we vote.”

Holder then encouraged marchers to remain committed and demand action. “This must be a movement.”

Eric Holder is the only Attorney General in US history to be held in criminal contempt of Congress.

Over 200 people were killed because of Holder’s Fast and Furious gun-running operation including border patrol agent Brian Terry.

People reacted to the corrupt, hypocritical Obama-era AG.

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