Christopher Steele, Author Of Infamous Anti-Trump Dossier, Deposed In UK Libel Suit

As previously reported by The Gateway Pundit:

Steele, who was tasked with compiling the ‘Trump dossier’ for opposition research firm Fusion GPS, has admitted in court that the discredited document contains “limited intelligence.”

Steele also admitted part of “his final December memo,” was unvetted.


“Such intelligence was not actively sought; it was merely received,” Steele added.

According to a recent WSJ report, the Obama Justice Department relied on information obtained by Steele, to spy on Trump campaign aide, Carter Page, during the final days of the 2016 presidential election.

This has not been the only trouble faced by Steele for producing the admittedly incorrect dossier, both US House Intel Committee and the Senate Judiciary Committee are investigating how the Hillary-funded document was used by Obama officials to illegally spy on Trump campaign officials. It seems that problems for Steele are only going to get worse before they get better, as the author has now been deposed in a London, England court.

While Steele attempted to circumvent the suit on grounds that British law prohibits ex-spies from testifying, the judge wasn’t buying it and this morning he was ordered to answer questions by American attornies suing for liable.

More via Washington Times:

Mr. Gubarev has sued Mr. Steele and his Orbis Business Intelligence, in the London court, but the rules are different.

In the U.S., he is trying to prove that what BuzzFeed published is false.

In the London case, Mr. Steele’s attorneys are not arguing that the December memo is true.

The issue, according to Wednesday’s order, is whether Mr. Steele played a role in having the information reach the public.

The order states, “In the [Queen’s Bench] proceedings the key issue is whether Mr Steele/Orbis were responsible for the publication of the defamatory statement. Thus, the factual enquiry in the English proceedings will not focus on the truth or falsity of the defamatory allegation which is presumed to be false, and the QB Defendants have not contended otherwise. (This is contrary to the position in the Florida proceedings where the US Plaintiffs have the burden of proving that the allegations are false). “

Read the full story via Washington Times.

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