MASSIVE BRAWL Breaks Out at Wendy’s Restaurant in Milwaukee (Video)

A massive brawl broke out at a Wendy’s restaurant on 27th and Capitol in Milwaukee on Monday.

The altercation took place between the store manager and employees and several customers and lasted for for several minutes before police arrived.

Floyd Taylor, a customer at the restaurant, captured the melee on video.

Warning on Violence and Language:


FOX 6 reported:

A massive fight broke out inside the Wendy’s restaurant near 27th and Capitol in Milwaukee — and a bystander captured it all on video.

Milwaukee police say officers were dispatched to the restaurant around 6:15 p.m. on Monday, March 26.

Floyd Taylor, the person who captured the incident on video, told FOX6 News he was in line getting food when an altercation broke out between an employee and a manager at the restaurant. Other employees apparently joined in the fight — including some who showed up from outside of the building.

Taylor said the fight lasted for several minutes — all while roughly eight customers, including some small children, were also in the restaurant.

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