Adam Schiff Sounds the Alarm – Calls on Congress to Protect Mueller From Being Fired by Trump

The gloves are off.

President Trump has been hammering Mueller over the Russia witch hunt and he just added former federal prosecutor Joe DiGenova to his legal team.

The Deep State and Democrats are panicking over the idea Mueller’s witch hunt may be coming to an end.

On Monday, ranking member of the House Intel Committee leaker Adam Schiff sounded the alarm. He warned Congress that President Trump may cause a Constitutional crisis if he fires Mueller so the time to speak out is now.



Schiff tweeted: To my House and Senate colleagues:

If the President causes a constitutional crisis by firing Mueller, no one can credibly claim that they could not see it coming. The time to speak out, to defend our system of checks and balances, is now.

President Trump brought punishing rounds to Mueller all weekend and his fury continued into Monday morning.

The firing of Andrew McCabe has galvanized Trump and his base while leaving the Democrats in a state of panic.

President Trump is bringing the storm and it’s only a matter of time until Mueller’s witch hunt ends.

Adam Schiff knows once the Russia hoax ends everyone involved in promoting Hillary’s phony dossier will pay the piper.

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