SICK! Jim Carrey Tweets to Teen Survivor Graphic Cartoon of School Massacre With Anti-Trump Message

Actor-comedian Jim Carrey created an anti-Trump work of ‘art’ showing bloody bodies of dead students killed in the Parkland, Florida, school massacre and tweeted it to a teen student survivor of the attack.

The image shows President Donald Trump in silhouette on a golf course before a fairway littered with bloody bodies of children. Trump is shown yelling, “What’s wrong with these kids? Didn’t they hear me yell, FORE!”

Carrey added the Twitter message with the handle for student surivor and now activist Cameron Kasky, “It’s President’s Day and Chief Little Hands has been busy tweeting from his golf resort, a chip shot away from the latest bloody school shooting. He was hoping to play a few holes while grieving families are busy digging them. I support @cameron_kasky #neveragain”


Kasky, whose Twitter bio describes him as ‘grieving’, tweeted his appreciation to Carrey, “Thank you. I promise we will bring eternal sunshine to the minds of millions sending their kids to school in the morning.”

Kasky’s Twitter bio in full, “Angry, scared, confused, grieving, and sick of the NRA fostering and promoting this gun culture. Founder of #NEVERAGAIN @neveragainmsd @MarchForOurLives”

Kasky is anti-Trump as this tweet shows, “At dinner with @davidhogg111 and Emma González right now. Tune into @CBS Monday to see what we do tonight. Thanks everybody. Stay okay. Don’t let @realDonaldTrump manipulate you tonight. #NeverAgain #douglasstrong #ParklandStrong

The instant ‘Children’s Crusade’ is revealing itself to be another anti-Trump assault by the Left. It is so crazed with Trump hatred that a celebrity sending a teenage student a graphic illustration of the massacre he survived just five days ago is totally acceptable.

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