Republicans May Release ‘Counter-Counter Memo’ To Rebuke Democrat FISA Spin (VIDEO)

Yes, you read the headline correctly. House Intelligence Committee Republicans may release a memo rebuking the Democrats’ memo countering the original FISA abuse memo. It’s a memo-off, folks. 

Photo Credit: InfoWars

“My guess is that after the Democratic rebuttal is released, and I’m confident it will be, you’ll probably see a Republican rebuttal to the rebuttal,” Rep. Chris Collins (R-NY) told CNN Tuesday morning.

On Monday evening, Schiff announced the Committee voted unanimously to release their 10-page “counter-memo.”

The California lawmaker believes the counter-memo will correct the Nunes memo’s “distortions and inaccuracies.”

Democrats have fought hard to paint the memo as a hyper-partisan piece of propaganda aimed at discrediting the ‘Trump-Russia’ collusion investigation. Nobody worked harder to keep the memo classified than Schiff.

Schiff’s position on the memo has been nothing short of “Schiffty,” having first branded the memo nothing more than Republican propaganda, then claiming the document shouldn’t be made public because Americans wouldn’t understand it, to announcing House Intelligence Democrats would be releasing a “counter-memo.”

The document will now head to the White House for approval.


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