Report: ANTIFA Group Recruiting Students With ‘Mental Illnesses’

According to Far-Left Watch, The Revolutionary Student Front at the University of Texas at Austin is actively recruiting students with ‘mental illnesses.’ 

Credit: Revolutionary Student Front – Austin Facebook page

Daily Caller reports:

The UT Austin Antifa student group based its 2017 program on “Turn Illness Into A Weapon,” a book charting the neo-Marxist Socialist Patients Collective group’s actions in Germany, which placed the blame of mental illness on capitalist oppression.

The Revolutionary Student Front sought to create a health care system that not only treated students for their mental illnesses, but also mobilized them to fight capitalism. […]

The group also admits at one point that members of its own leadership suffer from “mental illnesses.”

“The primary method of combating the symptoms of mental illness that we face under capitalism must be organizing those suffering to come into violent class conflict with the system that creates their illness,” says the group’s manifesto.

The group also believes, “The goal of every initiative and program launched by a revolutionary organization should be for the purpose of recruiting fighters into its ranks and forging them in the fiery furnace of class struggle.”


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