This Was Nuts=> Adam Schiff: Russian Ads Promote 2nd Amendment So We Kill Each Other (VIDEO)

Rep. Adam Schiff is a vocal leader in the Democratic Party today.

This is despite the fact that the man keeps getting caught in lie after lie and pushing conspiracy after conspiracy.

On Thursday Democrat Schiff spoke to a crowd at the University of Pennsylvania.


Schiff told the crowd Russian ads promoted the Second Amendment during the 2016 election “so we will kill each other.”

NTK Network reported:

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) said Thursday that Russia promoted content that supported the Second Amendment on social media during the 2016 election because they wanted Americans to kill one another.

“You had the content that was clearly anti-Hillary, and you had the content that was very pro-Trump. But even the bigger quantity of content that was being pushed through social media was just content designed to pit us against each other,” Schiff said while speaking at the University of Pennsylvania.

“They also trumpeted the Second Amendment. Apparently Russians are very big fans of our Second Amendment. They don’t particularly want a Second Amendment of their own, but they’re really glad that we have one,” Schiff said. “The Russians would be thrilled if we were doing nothing but killing each other every day, and sadly we are.”

This was crazy — AND inaccurate.

Democrats and their #FakeNews media claimed Russia ads on Facebook flipped the election away from Hillary to Trump.

Facebook executive Colin Stretch told the US Senate Judiciary Committee in November that the total number of those illegitimate ads are a drop in the ocean — less than 0.004 percent of all content — or about 1 in 23,000 news feed items.

Russia didn’t flip the election.

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