MUELLER COLLUSION BOMBSHELL: Trump Volunteer Provided Trump Signs to Russian “Posing as Grassroots Activist”

This is all they got on Trump.

If Mueller looked at the Clinton campaign and Russian collusion they could write volumes and indict dozens Hillary operatives.

But they’re not.
Mueller and his corrupt team of liberal lawyers is only looking at President Trump and his ties to Russians.
There are none.

This is the state of the US government today.
Deep State crooks out to take down a legitimate Republican President.


Robert Mueller released a nothing burger today on Russian involvement in the 2016 election.
The indictment contained this nugget of “collusion.”

“A volunteer for the Trump campaign in New York…agreed to provide signs” for a Trump rally to a Russian “posing as a US grassroots activist.”

That’s it.

That’s all they got!

Meanwhile Crooked Hillary walks free after she paid for a Russian created dossier to take down Trump.

Via Paul Sperry:

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