James Woods Says What We Are All Thinking About the Coward Broward Deputies

Seventeen children and adults were slaughtered in a mass shooting by Nikolas Cruz in a February 14th attack in Parkland, Florida.

Three Broward County Sheriff’s deputies arrived at the scene but were standing outside the school.

With all of the failures leading up to the mass shooting, specifically the shocking inaction by the deputies on scene, many people are wondering if there was a stand down order of some sort.

Patriotic actor James Woods said there is ‘something rotten’ in this whole deal and wondered if the Broward deputies were told not to engage killer Nikolas Cruz.

On Monday, James Woods said what we are all thinking–were the four Broward deputies told not to engage the killer?

Woods tweeted, “It will be a real catastrophe if evidence emerges that the four Broward deputies were told not to engage the killer. There was either a training problem, a communication problem or a command problem. It’s too easy to call men “cowards.” Something is rotten in this whole deal.”

Innocent children were gunned down on February 14th. Why weren’t the Broward County Sheriffs rushing in to protect the children?

The FBI was also tipped off TWICE.

One tipster called the FBI last month on Nikolas Cruz.

Another tipster in November warned authorities that Nikolas Cruz was a “school shooter in the making.”

Why were the deputies waiting outside of the school with their pistols drawn?

On Sunday, Governor Rick Scott called for an investigation on law enforcement response to the shooting.

On Monday, President Trump said he was disgusted by the inaction from the armed deputies on scene of the Parkland school shooting.

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