HERE WE GO=> Hillary Clinton Promotes Anti-Gun Parkland Student

We knew it.

The Gateway Pundit was the first publication to question the media’s motives behind propelling a select few anti-gun Parkland students into the spotlight following the Valentine’s Day massacre which left 17 students and adults dead.

Because we accurately reported the students were being coached by the media to spew anti-gun, anti-Trump rhetoric to push the leftist narrative, we were on the receiving end of vicious attacks from the mainstream media.

Twitter is only giving bluecheck mark verification badges to Parkland students who call for gun control; pro-2A students are shunned. This is all by design.

On Tuesday, Hillary Clinton promoted anti-gun activist and Parkland student Jaclyn Corin who encouraged her peers to pre-register to vote.


The left is riling up the youth right now. The demographic is very easy to influence as they have very little life experience.

Last week, Barack Obama posted a chilling message to the youth organizing and marching for gun control. ‘We’ve been waiting for you,’ Obama said in a tweet.

The left is using the Parkland students as a vehicle to grab guns and censor social media.

Twitter and Facebook are banning people who criticize the students. If you dare refute anything the students say or dare question their motives, you are evil and hate children.

The students are calling for gun control and boycotts of corporations that partner with the NRA.

An anti-second amendment movement is effervescing; The Gateway Pundit was right.

The left won’t be happy until we are all silenced and stripped of our Constitutional rights.

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