FLASHBACK: Conan O’Brien Trashes Haiti With “Burning Pile of Tires” Joke In 2005 (VIDEO)

Late-night talk show host Conan O’Brien rushed to Haiti’s defense after President Trump allegedly branded the country a, “sh*thole,” amid recent immigration reform negations. In January, the comedian even visited Haiti in an attempt to show how “beautiful,” a country it is.  

As Infowars Editor-at-Large Paul Joseph Watson pointed out, O’Brien snapped the shot of him sipping a cocktail from a coconut at the Wahoo Bay Beach Resort, “a luxury bubble at which rooms cost $254 dollars a night, a whopping sum when you consider that most Haitians make little over $400 a year.”

In a video posted to YouTube Saturday, O’Brien is seen making a joke about Haiti’s garbage problem in 2005.


“Haiti, You just celebrated two hundred years of independence. Congratulations. Now make a wish and blow out your burning pile of tires,” joked O’Brien.

Credit: John Luther

The joke that would surely be insensitive by today’s standards, was part of the comedian’s sketch called ‘Conan O’Brien Hates My Homeland.’ The premise of the sketch, which ran from 2004 and 2007, was to insult every country to “in order to figure out,” which countries the Conan O’Brien Show aired in.

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