Alinskyite Obama’s Final Eff-You to America – His Trendy Leafage Portrait

Barack Obama unveiled his official portrait on Monday for the White House Portrait Gallery.

It was his final disgrace.
After Years of failed policies and anti-American speeches it should come as no surprise that this would be his farewell to the White House.
Obama opened his administration with an apologetic speech to Muslims in Cairo.
He ended it with his trendy jungle portrait.

Eff you America.


Pamela Geller said it best: Barack Obama’s last act disgraces the office of the President, again. I love how the Democrats and enemedia insist Donald Trump is unfit. He’s a true blue patriot who loves this country, our military & our allies. Barack Hussein Obama’s portrait and his presidency were an attack on the institution.

As reported earlier — The artist who painted former President Obama’s portrait for the Portrait Gallery, part of the Smithsonian Institution, has an interesting past. Kehinde Wiley has a great fondness for painting black women beheading white women.

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