Adam Schiff’s Latest Attack on Nunes’ FISA Memo Proves It’s Time to Declassify the FISA Applications

On Wednesday, President Trump slammed his AWOL Attorney General Jeff Sessions for neglecting his responsibilities as US Attorney General.

President Trump lashed out at Sessions for asking the Inspector General to look into Obama era FISA abuse. Trump correctly states it “will take forever.”

Ranking member of the House Intel Committee Adam Schiff (D-CA) is desperate to stop any further investigations into Obama’s FISA abuse because it will put an end to Mueller’s sham investigation.

We have no Attorney General.
Jeff Sessions went AWOL the day after he was sworn in.
What the hell does the deep state have on him?


Adam Schiff responded to Trump’s tweet Wednesday afternoon showing he’s just a desperate political hack.

Schiff tweeted, “More important question: Why is the AG asking for a FISA investigation at all? DOJ and FBI already said the Nunes memo was inaccurate, misleading and extraordinarily reckless. With no evidence of abuse, only explanation is political pressure.”

If you read Adam Schiff’s tweet, he’s actually describing the Mueller witch hunt. This is a classic move by liberals like Schiff; they always project.

Mueller’s investigation is pressing on even though there is ZERO evidence of ‘Trump-Russia collusion’; it’s a political hit.

In contrast, we have massive amount of evidence that the FISA process was abused by Obama’s henchmen.

Chairman Nunes’ damning 4-page FISA memo clearly points out the FISA court was misled by Comey, Sally Yates, Rod Rosenstein and Andrew McCabe.

GOP lawmakers such as Rep. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) are calling for the FISA applications relating to the phony dossier be declassified.

On February 2nd Judicial Watch filed a lawsuit against the DOJ for the underlying documents regarding the FISA warrant application submitted to the FISC related to ‘Trump-Russia’.

It’s time to stop the bickering and dueling memos, declassify the FISA warrant applications and let the chips fall where they may.

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