Video: Sen. Lindsey Graham Attacks Republicans Over Budget-DACA Resolution in MSNBC Interview

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) ripped fellow Republicans an interview with MSNBC Friday morning. In the interview Graham blamed Trump advisor Stephen Miller for the alleged turn around on a DACA deal by President Donald Trump in budget negotiations with a bi-partisan group of pro-amnesty senators. Graham said, “the Stephen Miller approach to immigration has no viability,” adding that Miller “(has) views outside the mainstream” on illegal immigration.

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC), screen image.

Graham also said he would not support a 30-day continuing budget resolution, saying that just exasperates the problem adding, “we need to find a compromise.”


MSNBC reporter Garrett Haake, who interviewed Graham, also reported that Graham slammed fellow Republican Senator Tom Cotton of Arkansas, calling him the “Steve King” of the Senate, a reference to illegal immigration hardliner Rep. Steve King (R-IA), “Just interviews @LindseyGrahamSC – says up to POTUS to decide what he wants in an immigration deal & stick with it. He won’t vote for 30 day CR. Dinged @TomCottonAR as “Steve King of the Senate.” Stay tuned to @MSNBC”

Miller and Cotton and King join a long line of Republicans back-stabbed by their fellow GOPer Lindsey Graham.

Graham issued a statement Thursday on the budget impasse in which he predominately spoke about supporting the military but made clear his heart is with the DACA illegal aliens. (Note: There are a reported 3.6 million DREAMERS, not just the 800,000 with DACA permits cited by Graham.)

“I am not going to support continuing this fiasco for 30 more days by voting for a continuing resolution.

“It’s time Congress stop the cycle of dysfunction, grow up, and act consistent with the values of a great nation.

“We need additional funding for our military – which is desperately in need of an infusion. We also need some direction about the path forward for 800,000 DACA recipients who know no home other than the United States. The American people want us to deal with BOTH issues sooner rather than later.

“When it comes to helping the military I will do whatever it takes to get them the help they desperately need. Sequestration has been madness. I intend to do what is necessary to fix sequestration. To those who supported it – you have done a lot of damage to our men and women in uniform. You should want to fix it and I’ll work with anyone and everyone to get a result which benefits our troops.

“Americans in uniform are serving overseas in conditions – jungles, deserts, mountains, and more – that we cannot begin to imagine in Washington. All the while Congress acts like children urging all to rally around partisan flags and not the American flag which they serve.

“My focus is not on pleasing a bunch of partisans. My focus is on delivering for soldiers in the field and fixing problems which face our nation – like the impending upheaval to the lives of 800,000 DACA recipients. People in South Carolina and across the nation deserve nothing less.”

Graham also released a statement Friday fully cloaking his support for amnesty behind support for the military:

“Everyone is convinced they’ll win – but in reality, nobody wins in a government shutdown. The ‘blame game’ makes for great Washington theater, but doesn’t serve the needs of the nation.

“Our military – which desperately needs additional funding as they are already scraping by – doesn’t win. The American people who expect the government to be functioning and operating don’t win. And cynicism about the ability of Congress and the President to solve our nation’s problems increases even further.

“Simply put, there’s no reason to shut the government down and no reason to continue this chaos for the next 30 days. Continuing resolutions are devastating to our military. As General Mattis said this morning, no enemy in the field has done more to harm the readiness of the U.S. military than the combination of defense spending cuts and continuing resolutions. He’s exactly right.

“We could easily pass a continuing resolution – which lasts days (certainly more than the four proposed by the Senate Minority Leader) and less than the 30 days passed by the House of Representatives – to close the deal on outstanding issues which remain.

“It’s time Congress stop the cycle of dysfunction, grow up, and act consistent with the values of a great nation. The White House should engage and lead us to a solution.

“We are inside the 10 yard line on a lot of major issues – military spending, government spending, CHIP, stabilizing insurance markets, disaster relief, and Phase I immigration reform.

“The U.S. military has to work to accomplish their objectives. They don’t get to point fingers or pass the buck. Congress could learn a lot from them and learn to get the job done regardless who gets the credit, or in this case, the blame.”

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