St. Louis Alt-Left Militia Leader Calls On Radicals To “Dox” and “Show Up” At Legislator’s Houses

The far Alt-Left is growing more brazen and radical by the day, with new groups springing up around the nation each month. Based out of St. Louis Missouri, the People’s Revolutionary Defence Coalition (PRDC) is self-described as a “militant leftist organization dedicated to armed self-defense.” While the right to self-defense is a constitutional guarantee, this violent group has made it clear that they are making this claim as a smokescreen to their true intentions: the intimidation of conservative lawmakers. Intermixed with tweets discussing their firearms and hand to hand combat training, the leader of this group put out a call to “dox” and “show up at” these lawmakers private residences.

Far Left Watch initially brought this story to our attention:

Captain Howdy, whose bio states “We will continue to break the law and destroy property until we win. @prdcstl”, routinely advocates for putting his political opposition against “the wall” which is a reference to death by firing squad, a common practice carried about by Communist revolutionaries against their political enemies.


“Captain Howdy” regulary calls for people to be put “against the wall” – a refrence to execution by firing squad.

Police Officers:

FBI agents:

ICE agents:

Sherrif Clarke:

FCC Chairman, Ajit Pait:

Unrelated to the “the wall” but:

On Isreal:

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