Sen. Tom Cotton: Flake-Graham-Durbin Bill Gives AMNESTY to DACA ‘Children’ AND THEIR PARENTS! –MILLIONS OF ILLEGALS!

On Friday Senator Chuck Schumer and Democrats shut down the government so illegal immigrants could gain amnesty.

Democrats hold a minority position in the US Senate but they do have the support of Sen. Lindsey Graham, Senator Jeff Flake and others.

The Gang of 6 bill would have offered Mr. Trump less than 10 percent of his border wall, and only a 3 percent cut to existing paths of family-based chain migration.

The president does not support this.
Neither do Americans.

But it gets worse…

Senator Tom Cotton tweeted out on Monday that the DREAMER AMNESTY proposed by Lindsey Graham and Dick Durbin offers amnesty to the DREAMERS AND THEIR PARENTS.

Senator Cotton: Did you know Flake-Graham-Durbin grants AMNESTY to parents of DACA population? The whole rationale of DACA is kids ought not be responsible for the crimes of the parents. But can’t parents be responsible for the crimes of the parents?!

The original number the media dished out was that there are 800,000 DREAMERS would get amnesty.

Then the media upped that to 3.6 million illegals would get amnesty.

Now the roof is off the house.
It’s an unlimited and unending supply of poor, illiterate and dependent immigrants for the Democrat party.

This would be funny if it weren’t so criminal.

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