Second ‘Person of Interest’ in Las Vegas Massacre Breaks His Silence On Meeting Gunman Stephen Paddock (VIDEO)

In an interview with CBS LA, Douglas Haig, the second ‘person of interest,’ in the Las Vegas massacre, broke his silence on meeting gunman Stephen Paddock. Haig, an employee of Honeywell Aerospace, says he met the now deceased killer just once and sold him the tracer ammunition used in the mass shooting.

“I couldn’t detect anything wrong with this guy. Usually folks that have bad intent or they say something wrong, or just imply they’re going to do something illegal or against the law, I refuse service.” Haig told CBS LA.

Credit: Marc Victor

Daily Mail UK reports:

Speaking at his suburban home in Mesa to the Associated Press, Douglas Haig claims he had no idea what Paddock was planning. […]

Paddock had tried to connect with Haig at a previous gun show, in Las Vegas, but Haig says the man never ended up coming by his stand. […]

Several weeks later, the two finally connected at another gun show in Phoenix.

Haig says that Paddock was looking for tracer ammunition – ammunition that lights up when you fire it and is commonly used by hunters shooting at night.

Haig didn’t have any on him at the show, but he had some back at his home in Mesa, so Paddock met him there.

‘He showed up. He told me exactly what he wanted. I handed him a box with the ammunition in it. He paid me and he left,’ he said.

On Tuesday, Las Vegas Review-Journal reported, in addition to the gunman’s girlfriend Marilou Danley, Haig was identified as a person of interest shortly after the shooting occurred.

Recently, a federal judge made public hundreds of pages of court documents that had been filed by the FBI in the days and weeks after the shooting.

The judge did so in response to a lawsuit filed by CNN and several media organizations.

Paddock carried out the largest mass shooting in modern U.S. history, killing 59 and wounding hundreds more.


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