Rep. Steve King “Frustrated” With President Trump’s “Limited Amnesty” For Illegal Immigrants

Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) is growing frustrated with what he sees as President Trump not taking as hard a line on illegal immigration as was touted on the campaign trail. Rep. King was one of Trump’s top advisors on immigration policy during the 2016 campaign and now believes Trump’s positions on immigration are wavering “like Jell-O”, accusing the president of backing “limited amnesty”.

More VIA The Hill‘s live coverage of the now-lifted government shut down:

“We finally elected a president who called for the end of amnesty and he was going to end DACA at noon on Jan. 20, 2017, and we all expected that would happen without fanfare. Instead, we learned that permits were being issued. Then, he served [DACA] up as a bargaining chip” to build the wall, King told The Hill in an interview in the Capitol.

“When he sent out his tweet Sept. 5 that he was going to end DACA, that tweet was pretty clear: Get your act together, make your arrangements. It’s over,” King went on. “Then the next day, it seemed that things changed a little bit and he opened the door to negotiation” with Democratic leaders Charles Schumer (N.Y.) and Nancy Pelosi (Calif.).

“So you’re saying the president has been waffling on the issue of immigration?” a reporter asked King.

“He knows that,” replied King, who spoke to Trump two weeks ago. “I’ve been talking to him about that. … He says, ‘I’ve got to get this passed 500 people,’ meaning 535 lawmakers, so he’s saying he’s adjusting to the political reality. I say stand on principle.”

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