Rep. DeSantis Taunts Adam Schiff Over His “Sloppy Chewbacca Defense” Democrat Counter-Memo

Adam Schiff is melting down. He lost big time Monday after the House Intel Committee voted in favor of releasing the FISA memo to the public.

The Democrat memo WILL NOT be released at the same time as the GOP memo which sent Schiff into a tailspin.

Schiff has also circulated crazy conspiracy theories such as ‘Russian bots’ are pushing for the memo to be released on social media. He’s desperate.

The Democrats have not yet released their memo to the committee for review which is why it wasn’t approved to be released Monday. Oh well!


Rep. DeSantis taunted Rep. Schiff on Tuesday calling the Democrat counter-memo a “sloppy Chewbacca defense” to Nunes’ FISA memo.

DeSantis tweeted, “House Intel should vote to release the Schiff counter-memo. It’s basically a sloppy, Chewbacca defense rejoinder to the Nunes memo that unwittingly buttresses concerns raised in the Nunes memo.”

In describing Schiff’s counter-memo strategy as a “Chewbacca defense” DeSantis is referring to a legal strategy in which the aim of the argument is meant to deliberately confuse people rather than refute with facts.

Schiff’s meltdown continued late into Monday evening because he took to his Twitter account hemming and hawing after GOP House Intel Committee members did the right thing voting in favor of the release of the memo.

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