Alt-Left Site Thinks Conservative News Sites Should “Stop Whining” About Censorship

This past Friday Matthew Sheffield, a writer for Alt-Left and pro-pedophile site, published a piece titled “Fake news is destroyed conservative media, but right-wingers keep on whining”, in which he attempts to break down the ways conservatives are ruining media and simultaneously are to blame for the attacks being leveled against them.

Sheffield’s basic M.O., as with countless other liberal blowhards, is to say that you are both the problem and the solution to your own problem in that if you just stopped being so darn conservative, all would be rectified. 

First off, it must be mentioned that 2016 and 2017 have been banner years for the mainstream media outlets that the left exalts. Look at the Washington Post or the New York Times or CNN, all have been rife with error and consistently misleading and factually inaccurate. This is not to say that these are good things, or that they are signifiers of one’s incompetence. It must be noted that everybody in the political world reporting today is hyper-partisan – and not just individual writers, the entire entity from top down. 


From the beginning, Sheffield brings up the absurdity of conservatives wanting to be treated the same as the liberal counterpoints that go unchecked by platforms like Google. The Daily Caller, for instance, is called out in Sheffield’s piece because, though they have hired some “quality journalists”, they have also worked with people who have “ties to white nationalism”. 

The claims Sheffield himself is making are dubious and biased to their core. He straight up tells you what to think and how to think it, point-blank. That, coupled with his liberal use of labels, makes for a near-libelous cocktail of what we’d call “fake news”. While the left whines, “Why don’t we get treated fairly?” The left turns a blind eye to the fact that at their lowest lows and their highest highs they are no better than us, they want to have full authority over the good and the bad and they want to then ask you in an arrogant, self-righteous tone, “What’s wrong?” 

They then call you a racist, virtually spit at you, and cast you off as a monster. Rinse, repeat. Same nonsense from the left per usual, and yet again, we see the left committing the same crimes they blame the right for – making shit up. In his article, Sheffield wrote the following: 

“‘Why don’t you try to vet your stories better?’ I asked him, aware of several pieces he had been forced to retract or correct.

*Caveat: Funny he brings up retractions and corrections, like that hasn’t been the New York Times, WaPo, and CNN’s go-to method of fake news distillation for recent memory*

‘People just want to have a little fun. Why not let them?’ Hoft said with a wink as he turned and left.” 

It’s a storybook, fictional ending for Sheffield, but it didn’t happen. Sheffield completely made this up to make his trashy article, which lacks any semblance of self-awareness, read like the punchy, comic book reality he thinks he lives in, where he and the rest of his weird cohorts are superheroes fighting for the disenfranchised and the weak.

The current push against all conservative media by entities like Facebook, Twitter, and Google is more than concerning – it is Orwellian and must be fought against. Do you really want far leftist billion dollar tech giants telling you what you should and shout not read? By limiting exposure to certain news stories or news organizations, these tech giants seek to brainwash voters into believing only what *they* want you to believe. Had the ironically named “Net Neutrality” passed, this could have been even worse – but we still have a long road ahead.

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