NAACP and ‘Resist Fascism’ to Protest POTUS Trump in Atlanta For College Football Championship Game

Radical leftists plan to protest against President Trump in Atlanta Monday all because he will be attending the college football playoff game.

Atlanta police prepared for the protests and set up designated areas for people to engage in demonstrations.

The NAACP and ‘Resist Fascism ATL’ are planning demonstrations in protest of President Trump’s arrival to the Mercedes-Benz stadium in Atlanta Monday.

Kickoff for the University of Alabama versus the University of Georgia championship game is set at 8 PM EST.


ESPN via AP reported:

At least two groups have announced plans to protest President Donald Trump’s visit to Atlanta for the game, which was set to kick off after 8 p.m. But their announced actions were scheduled for later in the day, closer to the time of the president’s arrival.

The Atlanta branch of the NAACP is urging people to wear white to the game and to bring white towels to wave when the president enters the stadium. The white is meant to mock the “snowflake” insult that Trump supporters have made against those who oppose the president.

“We’re going to make a snowflake turn into a mighty blizzard inside of Mercedes-Benz stadium when Mr. Trump comes,” Gerald Griggs, a vice president of the Atlanta NAACP, said at a news conference Monday.

Resist Fascism ATL will be ‘taking a knee’ at 6:30 PM in front of the Mercedez-Benz stadium.

Go on NAACP, protest against record low unemployment for blacks and tax cuts for hard working Americans.

The NAACP Atlanta chapter released a statement via their official Facebook page:

“The Atlanta NAACP will not be officially participating in a protest outside at the game. Trump has made a terrible decision and is disrupting it with his presence. We respect those who choose to do so, and we fully expect some groups who will be protesting outside the game.

We will not let the President’s visit go without a response. If you are lucky enough to attend the game, we encourage you to bring a white towel to wave simulating a blizzard while the president is in the packed stadium. Trump supporters mockingly call the opposition snowflakes, but when we come together we create a mighty storm. We are presently working with a number of civil rights/social justice organizations and we will share additional plans as appropriate. We urge you to pay particular attention to our Twitter feed during the game. You can follow us @naacpatlanta #GoDawgs!!! #AllTrumpsLies#ATL #NationalChampionship”

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