MSNBC Crank to Dem Lawmaker: Is Devin Nunes Secretly a Russian Plant? (VIDEO)

The Democrat conspiracy that NEVER ENDS – Russia, Russia, Russia!

It’s been over a year-and-a-half of illegal wiretaps and spying on the Trump campaign and administration and so far Deep State investigators have found exactly – ZERO – proof of collusion with the Russians.

But that doesn’t stop the left from continuing their insane conspiracy theories.

Tuesday on Morning Joe MSNBC crank John Heilemann asked Democratic Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CO) if he believes the Russians got to Devin Nunes.

John Heilemann: “Congressman Nunes, your chairman, it is suggested not by me but by people who follow these matters closely, could possibly be someone who’s been compromised by the Russians. Is that something you consider a possibility?”

Via The Washington Free Beacon:

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